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Design Services

Our engineering team specializes in turning your ideas into reality. Whether you're envisioning a Chester Horizon™ pool or a modern spa to complement your Chester Pool, we've got you covered. 

Drawings, engineering, and manufacturing

of the pool, spa, or water feature you desire.

Want a Chester Horizon™ pool designed?
Need a spa to go with your Chester Pool?

Our team of engineers will create precise and comprehensive drawings to ensure that we meet all of your requirements and desires.

Chester Pool Systems can create a custom spa for you, complete with all the furnishings and features you desire, for a truly luxurious experience.



deck level finish

Crafted With Precision


The Chester C-60 Horizon transforms the primary amenity into a stunning aquatic showcase. The seamless merging of water and surrounding deck creates a “glass-like” illusion, elevating the aesthetics of your pool deck.

Construction and Design Features

  • Fully welded tank and components.

  • Stand-alone all stainless structural frame design.

  • Total weight reduction over similar size concrete construction.

  • Standard and custom sizes including freeform shapes.

  • Full design and submittal packages.

  • Full integral piping systems to single point connection.

Water Features


Our aquatic features are designed to provide a luxurious experience featuring:

  • Complete integrated filtration and chemical systems to eliminate the need for multiple trades.

  • Fully welded watertight stainless construction.

  • Finishes are factory installed.

  • Lighting packages, timers building integration, automatic water level controllers all tested and adjusted before shipping.

  • Full video documentation for ease of review by the design team prior to delivery.

  • Installation and startup by Chester factory Technicians.

Camelview Fountains.jpg

Chester Renovations

Chester is committed to providing exceptional renovation services that are of the highest quality. With our expertise and attention to detail, we can transform any pool into a modern and stylish oasis that will exceed your expectations. 

Chester can save you time and money by making modifications to your existing pool instead of building a new.


Chester's Aquabond™ PVC membrane can go over your existing pool coating  making your pool look new without sandblasting.



Our "Pool-Within-A-Pool" can fix size and depth issues by using your existing pool as a base. The result is a visually appealing and low-maintenance pool that meets your current needs.


Upgrade your pool's filtration system with a custom-designed Chester filter module for quick installation and Board of Health compliance.


Don't make a move without the facts.

Determining your best course of action can be difficult without sufficient information. Chester's Facility Audits make it easy to establish your options.  An on-site visit by a Chester pool expert can cut through the confusion and uncertainty.

Following a site visit, you will receive a comprehensive report delineating the areas in need of immediate and long-term attention, along with a cost estimate for the repairs or modifications.

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