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Chester Pool Systems, Inc.

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Chester Products was founded in 1955 as a contemporary solution to traditional
poured-in-place concrete swimming pools. Building on this legacy, Chester Pool
Systems Inc. has evolved into a premier provider of stainless-steel swimming
pools and spas, offering comprehensive services in design, construction, and
installation of Lofted™ and Rooftop swimming pools and spas.

Operating from our expansive 100,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facility in Southern
Indiana, Chester fabricates our products with meticulous attention to detail. Our
range includes pools, spas, fountains, and architectural water features, all
rigorously tested off-site before shipment. Depending on project requirements,
our products are shipped complete or in sections for assembly and welding on-
site by our skilled Chester Technicians.

We ensure seamless integration with filtration packages and control systems,
which are pre-tested and palletized for easy transportation and single-point utility

At Chester, our focus is on delivering excellence by streamlining processes and
minimizing the inefficiencies of field construction. With a commitment to single-
source responsibility from design to manufacturing, and from installation to start-
up, we guarantee that your primary amenity will meet the highest standards,
worthy of that spot on the homepage!

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